The Southern Percussion Academy is dedicated to inspiring, enabling and supporting percussionists all over the world.

We’ve created a community from which we can all learn, share and grow together in music.

We offer a unique combination of teaching services and initiatives to support percussionists and teachers on every beat of the percussion journey.

We’re here for everyone … from beginners, to dedicated students, young and less so, gifted amateurs, and aspiring or seasoned professional performers and teachers.

At our teaching studio in Essex in England, we provide tuition on a comprehensive range of percussion instruments only available elsewhere at major music colleges and universities.

If you can’t easily get to us, we offer remote tuition or we can help you

As part of our commitment to nurturing emerging talent, we offer a and the bi-annual .

We‘re closely associated with the National Association of Percussion teachers (NAPT) and we have a proven track record for preparing students for music college auditions.

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